My Valentine’s Day

For those who don’t know I have another secret passion.  It comes in a very tight second with photography.  I love helping woman deliver babies.  After having my first child I felt that I wasn’t as prepared as I needed to be.  I went to lamaze and breastfeeding classes read the books that were recommended and I still walked away a little overwhelmed with the whole experience.  So on my next child I asked the midwife for a better class and reading material.  She gave me a list of bradley childbirth instructors and books discussing his method.  I read everything I could get my hands on and sent my husband, who was in OCS far away, the most important points for him to remember.  I felt informed and better prepared for whatever could have happened. My second and third deliveries were amazing.  My husband and I bonded and worked together in a way I never thought possible.  The rooms were so quiet you could have heard a pin drop making the spiritual experience of having a baby breathtaking.   While I know that natural childbirth isn’t for everyone I do think that every woman deserves to be better prepared.  I hear so many stories from friends of epidurals that wear off only half work or their labor is too quick.  They walk away from their deliveries overwhelmed and grateful that it is over and done with.  Modern medicine is here for a reason and I do not want to diminish all that it can do to help woman at a time that is not easy.  I just feel that if we were all informed about the many ways labor can progress the emotional stages of labor the need of a good coach, whether it be a  husband or a doula, we would all walk away from labor feeling like it was a good experience not just something we had to endure to achieve one of our greatest blessings, our children.

Yes I have a soapbox those that know me really well know I probably have a few but who doesn’t .  Tiffany was gracious enough to listen to my rantings and had asked that I be there for the delivery of her second baby, she even came all the way back from China.  I was ecstatic, as a doula I am there for the mother.  I am her advocate at a time when she needs to put all her effort and thought into delivering her child.  What an amazing feeling to be there for someone as my husband did for me. She did beautifully and I was so thankful to once again be apart of bringing one of Heavenly Father’s children into this world.

But you all know me I can’t do anything without taking a few pictures.  So here is my youngest model ever at just a few hours old, and a valentine’s baby to boot,  James Holland.  He was quite the cutie if I do say so myself.

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