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How much do you touch up your images?  Which images come on my DVD?  Will I look like me when you are through photoshopping my images?  I can fix it in photoshop so why bother shooting in manual, right?  Wrong.  I love photoshop and the magic little touches it adds.  But I still believe a true photographer takes a perfect shot SOOC, straight out of camera, and should just about every time.  Maybe it’s the film lover in me, I was taught how to meter meter meter know the theories and how to bend them to make each situation work  then pose, shoot, bracket the heck out of it and it’s still not done you have to know how to actually process that film or all that work is in the toilet.  There was no shoot it take a look and try again then load to a computer and fix any mistakes there.   There is no greater pleasure to me than when I set up a picture get it all in place take a look at the situation set the camera shoot look (cause I can do that now)  and see that it is perfect the first time.

But it is a new age so I still try my best to get the best possible shot SOOC then I add a little pop this is what I put on the Cd’s I give to clients.  Then if they decide they want a print of that picture I go in an perfect the image to make that person look like themselves at their best.  I won’t take your nose and make it smaller, or widen your eyes.  I just clear up the smudges that need a little poof.  All those other things should have been done when I shot it there are tricks that help a more prominent nose less prominent. eyes to appear larger.  These are things every good photographer will take care of in the first place.  So all we have to do later is what I would have done many years ago with hours in a dark room.

I am still not the most amazing photographer ever I will always have room to grow and be better.   I sat in a seminar this week and was blown away with artistry of Jerry Ghionis and Sandy Puc (click on their names to see how amazing).  Amazing as they are they too started somewhere.  As they taught they reminded us all over and over again to be better all we had to was continually try to be better than ourselves.  Take each new assignment and try to do it better than the last. Look at every situation and make it your own.   I have always tried to work this way.  Every job is a new place a new couple each with their own personalities and look.  Each one deserves the best I can deliver.  If the location isn’t perfect make it perfect, find a way to make it your own and love it.   I love going to these seminars I walk away seeing amazing work and feeling inspired to continue to create art for those that give me the opportunity to do so.  My favorite line of the evening I posted on facebook “If you want to be a better photographer, be a better person.”

So anyway back to my main point, those who know me know my mind jumps everywhere in not much time.  Here are a couple of examples of what my images go through.  The first is SOOC then there is the one I give to my clients on their Cd’s or DVD’s.  These images are full resolution and can be printed everywhere.  Then if they decide to invest the money in a print then we take it that extra mile and make it exquisite.



Shena - March 11, 2011 - 7:20 pm

Hey… that girl looks so familiar. 😉

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