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More than 20 years ago I began to follow in the same photography passion of my father and grandparents. I picked up my grandfather’s old camera and took my first class. As a hurried high school student, I tried to drop my first photography class but fate along with the faith of Mr. Dow Hamblin urged me to continue.

Less than a year later I won my first photo competition—a picture of my brother sitting simply at the base of a tree looking up for the little bird I told him was above his head. The picture was called “A Simple Moment.”

When I started my photography business five years ago, I wanted to be able to capture the simple moments. I know the camera can be a cruel machine, capturing every line, wrinkle, and flaw in drastic detail but I also know how all those details are irrelevant when there is love. My mission is to use my camera eye to reflect the loving eye. I want to show you the way a person who loves you the most sees you. In my years of professional photography, I realize that people underestimate their own beauty. In the right light, with right exposure and in the right hands, photography can show emotion, love and deep feeling. I aim to capture the simple moments of life in all their elegance, beauty and love.